THYRFING – Hels Vite

THYRFING – Hels Vite

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Epic Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: Regain Records
Year: 2008

The anticipation in listening to a new Thyrfing album is always great for me! Thyrfing’s “Valdr Galga” was actually the first album of Viking black metal I’ve ever listened to it and it really dragged me to this genre. So together with “Urkraft” these two are in my favourites! “Vansinnesvisor” in 2002 and “Farsotstider” in 2005 were less Viking oriented (good albums, but I didn’t like them like their predecessors) and now comes this new album, the 6th in the long band’s history.

First of all there are some line-up changes, since two of the oldest members Thomas Väänänen and Henrik Svegsjö left the band, something that made me worry… But all my worries disappeared when I listened to the album. I would say that Thyrfing continue the previous album, in their new darker side, but with a return to their Viking roots! Of course don’t expect the majestic symphonic Viking songs with the epic choir refrains, but a slower, dark, deep and mature approach. The vocals of newcomer Jens Rydén are simply amazing, fitting perfectly with the band and they sound like he was always in Thyrfing. All of the songs are long (there are only 7 tracks with a total duration of more than 52 minutes) at mid-tempo with very heavy and full guitars, which have a more rhythmic role. The accompanying keyboards in the background help the band build the darker epic melodic atmosphere of the songs, making the sound more solid and complete. The compositions have a lot of work and despite their variety the outcome is like one big song. There are acoustic guitars, few clean vocals and choirs, some more quiet and some more bombastic songs, but they are all unified under “Hels Vite” dominant epic dark atmosphere.

Overall, I believe that this album is the best of Thyrfing’s new “era” and one very good sample of “professional” epic dark viking metal. It will be released in the end of October by Regain Records. Till then you can check some samples in their official pages.


Rating:  (8/10)

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