THULR – The Seafarer (Demo)

THULR – The Seafarer

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Acoustic
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

Thulr is the solo project of Morten from Germany, who is also in Eldborg and contributes in Folkearth. Thulr were formed in 2002 and it was two years later when their first demo “Forsitesland” was released. So now, five years later Morten returns with his new work “The Seafarer” a full-length demo.

Thulr play epic black metal with many acoustic and melodic elements. Compared to their first demo everything is improved. The production is very good and I believe this album could easily stand as a debut instead of demo… Anyway, Morten does a very good job both in the sound of his band and in the compositions of his songs. His music is mid tempo melodic black metal with a very epic and melancholic atmosphere. There are 6 long songs and 3 shorter acoustic neo-folk “ballads” with total album duration of 53 minutes. Thulr offer us the same quality both on the black metal songs and in the acoustic ones and the result is very tight… He uses black metal singing most of the time, but there are also many amazing clean vocals, at which I think he is better. His sound is enriched often by enchanting violins that add a sad nostalgic mood to the album. The lyrics of “The Seafarer” are inspired by myths and poems of the Anglo-Saxon age (like the same-titled poem), dealing with life, nature and legends….

Overall I believe “The Seafarer” is a very decent effort and Thulr are ready in my opinion for their first official release. This demo comes in a handmade A5 digipak with a 20-page booklet! You can visit band’s myspace both for listening to the music and to contact Morten if you want to get the demo.


Rating:  (9/10)

Thulr @ Myspace

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