NYX reveal upcoming debut album details

NYX - Home

German female extreme metal force Nyx has inked a record deal with the Polish label Agonia Records. The band’s debut album “Home” is expected to drop on October 30th, 2015. Nyx is made off Blitz (drums, vocals) and Vinterbarn (guitars, vocals) and was brought to life in 2011 to explore the endless metastases of the aspiring soul, within a musical dimension. Their debut album “Home” was recorded and produced in Blackout Studio (Enthroned, Corpus Christii, Emptiness, Lvcifyre) with Enthroned’s bassist Phorgath behind the console. “Home” will be available in CD and digital formats. Nyx have already unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist, as well as a trailer for their upcoming effort, which is available for viewing below. The band commented: “We are Nyx and this restless album is our joint search for the inner home. Welcome to roaring wrath, screaming despair and silent yearning – welcome home“. On the album trailer, the duo added: “This small album-preview contains song snippets of the upcoming NYX-album, Home, combined with “behind the scenes” impression of the whole working process: rehearsals, photosessions, studio-recording“.

1. Beyond
2. Chaos Pt. 20 – Black Isle
3. Chaos Pt. 38 – Metastases
4. Prelude
5. S.ave O.ur S.ouls
6. Deep
7. Going On
8. Home
9. Swallowed Screaming

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