ULVER – Vargnatt

ULVER – Vargnatt

Origin: Norway
Genre: Black Metal Folk Acoustic
Label: Kyrck Productions
Year: 2009

Well, the “Vargnatt” demo is finally out in official re-mastered CD version, 16 years after its first release! Greek label Kyrck Productions got the rights and re-released it in a limited to 1000 copies CD version. Except for the normal version, “Vargnatt” is also released in an even more limited A5 leather-book edition.

Reviewing this album is actually pointless. The main purpose of the review is to inform for this re-release. Ulver is one of the greatest and most unique bands, with an almost impossible to describe music. Even though “Vargnatt” was released back in 1993, it has a great variety in its music styles. Raw black metal, acoustic songs in vein of “Kveldssanger”, avant-garde parts (with totally out of tune operatic vocals), jazz, rock and gothic influences, are all put together in a very primitive and direct approach. Of course, compared to their future releases, this album is of much lower quality, but it’s the first sign of what’s to come. Full of inspiration, original ideas (much more “front” from their time) and an admiring will to experiment!

This EP contains six tracks, with duration of almost 29 minutes. Since it is the first time released on CD and it’s relatively limited (compared to the “name” of the band) you should hurry and get a copy before it’s gone (especially the beautiful leather-book edition!). Except for Ulver, Kyrck Productions got the rights for other rare re-releases from many bands, including Manes, Order of the Ebon Hand, Strid, Ved Buens Ende, again both jewel cases and A5 leather-books…


Rating:  (9/10)

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