VIHMANA – Templo

VIHMANA – Templo

Origin: Spain
Genre: Folk Death Metal
Label: Nooirax Producciones
Year: 2009

Another new solo project band, this time coming from Spain. Nacho Hernadez (also in La Dolorosa) is the man behind Vihmana, an ethnic folk death metal band he formed in 2007. “Templo” is his first effort, that is something between an EP and full-length, since it lasts for almost 30 minutes.

From the first moments of the CD it’s obvious that we have to deal with a very special band. Vihmana create an ethnic, eastern, almost ritual atmosphere, with many traditional instruments and unusual melodies combined with death metal elements. I have to admit that in the beginning I was somehow disappointed, finding this effort very bizarre, especially the “marriage” of folk instruments with an “un-melodic” rhythmic death metal riffing. After many listenings though, this impression changed dramatically! This contradiction between the mystic oriental acoustic melodies and the dry death metal sound, works in favor of the overall atmosphere. Vocals are a mixture of death growls and clean ethnic singing and lyrics deal with mythology, mysticism and esoterism, all in Spanish. Synths have a very important role in this album, since except for the folk samples, they are used as the background of Vihmana’s melodies, or even take the lead role in some songs. There are also some guest musicians in this album for bass, cello, bagpipes and flute that enrich the sound of “Templo”. The production is at a very satisfying level for a first attempt and every instrument is very clearly heard.

The CD comes with a very artistic booklet, illustrated by Nacho Hernadez himself, who proves he is an excellent graphic designer too! Summing up “Templo” is a very promising debut for fans of ethnic folk death metal. I believe that they need a small improvement in the melodic lines of their guitars, as well as in the clean vocals and they are able for great things. You can listen to some of their songs in their myspace page.


Rating:  (8/10)

Vihmana @ Myspace

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