DISTORIAM release debut full-length album

DISTORIAM - Chapter I Vinlanders

Canadian epic historical folk metallers Distoriam from Montreal, QC have just released their first full-length album, “Chapter I: Vinlanders“. The album was recorded at Silver Wings Studios, well known for their studio work with acts such as Blackguard, Valfreya and the acclaimed 80’s french Quebec cover band; Ta Mère. “Chapter I : Vinlanders” features a great folkish mix of clean and harsh vocals in English, French and Norse language, heavy down-tuned guitars, traditional instruments and a well arranged mix of orchestral samples and strings. The band was originally formed in 2010 under the name Vinlanders, but switched their name to Distoriam afterwards in 2011, rawing from the members’ shared love for all things epic, melodic and beautiful. Distoriam shared stages with the likes of Arkona, Valfreya, Wilderun and their debut album is their most focused and enjoyable material yet!

Distoriam are about to hit the road on some cities in the province of Quebec, Canada, alongside a couple of other known bands in the area such as Trobar, Trollwar and EMP. They’ll kick things off with a record release show for their new album “Chapter I: Vinlanders” and spend some dates playing in a couple of towns promoting the album. In addition to iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify, their official Bandcamp page is currently streaming the entire album. Several reviewers described the album as “something that will have a strong impact in the metal community“…

1. Hymn to Mead
2. Duel of a Hundred Lights
3. I – Us, Travelers
4. Northern Sea Journey
5. Steel and Steeds
6. Exiled
7. II – The Call to Freedom
8. Thùnn Kivavit Ankris
9. Flaming Sails
10. Vinlanders (Defend the Land)
11. Deadly Shores of Wasted Hopes
12. Venturing Forth

Distoriam official page
Distoriam @ Facebook
Distoriam @ Twitter
Distoriam @ Bandcamp


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