VALKNACHT – When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine

VALKNACHT – When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine

Origin: Canada
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Les Productions Hérétiques
Year: 2009

Valknacht is a new band from Canada (Québec), formed in 2005 by the main composer and frontman of the band Thorleif. After 4 years they managed to release their debut album “When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine” by the label Les Productions Hérétiques.

Like many other new bands from this area, Valknacht play epic pagan black metal and they are very good at it. Bathory is their main influence, but they have also a personal style, especially after the first songs. The album begins as a typical mid-tempo epic black metal album, with the classical riffing and the synths in the background and it goes like this for the first 3 songs. After that, for the last 3 songs their music changes and is enriched by the flutes and female vocals of Vervandi, something that works in favor of the band. I don’t know if the songs were written in different periods, but I prefer the second part of the album, that is also bigger in duration. Another interesting thing is that the first songs are in English, while the rest in the French language!

There are 3 long songs in the album (two of them over 11 minutes each), so the album is a full-length, even though it has only 6 tracks. The production isn’t the best, but it’s above average for an underground production. You can find many good ideas in the songs and some very epic moments in the keyboards. There also some indifferent parts in the songs that the band has to avoid in the future, since in this album they don’t seem to be equally good in all the different styles they play. On the contrary, when the combine black metal vocals and aggressive fast guitars with flutes and female vocals, they compose some excellent melodies. Of course, since I like variety in music, I don’t suggest to “limit” their music, but to improve their weaker parts. “When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine” is still a very good album, and all the “criticism” is just because the band seems able for much better things, if they come up with a more solid songwriting.

Their lyrics deal with German / Scandinavian mythology, nature and history. For all those who search for new decent bands in the underground epic pagan folk black metal scene, Valknacht is a nice choice. Of course you can listen to some of their songs on their Facebook and myspace pages.


Rating:  (9/10)

Valknacht @ Facebook
Valknacht @ Myspace

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