ZGARD unveil upcoming album details

ZGARD - Totem

Atmospheric pagan black metal one man band Zgard from Ukraine reveals the first details of its upcoming 5th full-length album called “Totem”. As usual, Zgard offer strong folk influenced music enriched with the mysticism of Carpathians. Dipped into a conspirative and penumbral atmosphere showing a foggy and fiery scenery of rituals, the listener is taken on a journey of fast moving and opaque. Lashing leaves, whipping wind and the implacable surge tear at him whilst moving on in the dim reduction listening to his own breath. The interplay of speeding drums, torrential vocals and acoustic elements as light flute, plucked guitar and airy voice interludes, promise an alternating bath of emotions. These will leave you washed ashore warming up to the fading sounds of soothing sorrow right beside a warming campfire.

If you like to be drawn and drowned by such a folkish mood, Zgard will make your day. “Totem”, which is dedicated to Veles, the old Slavonic god of sorcerers, will be released via Svarga Music on November 27th 2015. It will be available in a standard jewel case CD edition, as well as in a limited to 100 hand numbered copies 6-panel digipak edition with artwork done by Yaromisl himself. Both versions are available for pre-order in their label’s webshop. You can get a first taste of the album, by watching the short release teaser video below.

1. Dismal Visions (intro) [Марево]
2. Land of Legends [Край легенд]
3. Descendants of the Thunder [Нащадки грому]
4. Totem [Тотем]
5. Sorrow [Журба]
6. Forgive Us Nature [Пробач природа]
7. Dark Lord of the Carpathians [Темний володар Карпат]
8. The North [Північ]

Zgard @ Facebook
Zgard @ VK
Zgard @ Svarga Music

Jewel-case cover:
ZGARD - Totem - Jewel case

Limited digipak cover:
ZGARD - Totem - Digipak


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