WYRD – Kalivägi

WYRD – Kalivägi

Origin: Finland
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Naga Productions
Year: 2009

Another release from Wyrd, their 8th full-length album is out! Wyrd is a two men’s band from Finland that was founded back in 1998. Tomi Kalliola “Narqath” is actually the mastermind of the band, since he plays all instruments in “Kalivägi”. His bandmate “Wircki” helped him only in the compositions and lyrics this time. Narqath, who was also behind some cult underground epic black metal bands like Hin Onde, Oath of Cirion, Valar, Hellkult, is also a member of Azaghal (Fin). It seems though that Wyrd is his main project.

At the first steps of the band, they were moving into the paths of raw underground epic black metal. With the release of “Heathen” in 2001, Wyrd managed to built a very personal sound, with the addition of acoustic and folk elements and a much more emotional approach. Later though they added even more elements, some more melodic mainstream riffing, “flirting” with doom, gothic and rock! So, when a new release was out, I never knew what I would listen to, since the band jumped from one style to another! Even though I like experimentation in music, I definitely prefer their pagan black metal side. Luckily enough “Kalivägi” is by far their best album after a long time and the band returns to its epic pagan black metal sound that I loved them for.

Of course their sound is changed from the early years, but the music moves on the scales they introduced in “Heathen” and “Huldrafolk”. Slow epic black metal riffing combined with raw brutal vocals and few clean ones. Keyboards and acoustic guitars follow the music in the background enriching their sound. Their melodies create a bitter nostalgic atmosphere, full of anger and sorrow for the destruction of pagan cultures by Christianity. Even though their music is melancholic, there is warmth in it, like there is still hope… All lyrics are in Finnish and unluckily there is no translation in the booklet, or any other official info for the thematology of the album, so you can only look at these weird “gooses” in the cover and imagine whatever you want…

The production and the overall sound are more contemporary, with some of the newer influences being merged into the compositions. I believe that this album will satisfy most of Wyrd’s fans, especially the older ones. It contains 6 great songs (all at the same style this time) without any fillers and the album lasts for almost 40 minutes. “Kalivägi” is released by the Czech label Naga Productions and you can listen to their music in their official myspace page.


Rating:  (9/10)

Wyrd @ Myspace

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