WOODTEMPLE – Sorrow of the Wind

WOODTEMPLE – Sorrow of the Wind

Origin: Austria
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Folk Produktion
Year: 2008

This is the fourth full-length album by the Austrian one-man band Woodtemple and the first in the new label Folk Produktionen. Aramath formed the band in 1998 and his music style so far was pagan epic raw black metal, very close to Graveland’s sound. With this new album though, Woodtemple seem able to make the great step into a new personal style!

Their black metal remains relatively raw, but it is enriched with many folk instruments that add a totally new quality to the band’s sound. There are many folk and neo-folk parts in their songs, sometimes totally acoustic, and other times blended with the electric metal instruments… Woodtemple found some really amazing ideas in the compositions, especially in the melodic folk lines. I believe Aramath should improve the sound of the band and the mixing of the two genres, but the result for a first effort is more than satisfying! Vocals are raw black metal screams and it’s the most “extreme” element in this album. The music on the other hand is quite melodic, with the right balance between electric guitars, traditional acoustic instruments and keyboards, creating a unique pagan melancholic atmosphere.

Except for the normal version, “Sorrow of the Wind” is also released in limited to 500 pieces A5 digipak format. The album is illustrated by Kris Verwimp, who, as usual, has done another great work. I definitely prefer their new sound and I hope they will continue in this path in the future. If you like pagan folk black metal and you don’t know Woodtemple, I strongly recommend their new work for a start. You can listen to their music on the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Woodtemple @ Myspace

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