BROKDAR – In Fetters Glacial

BROKDAR - In Fetters Glacial

Origin: Russia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Epic Death Metal
Label: Fono Ltd
Year: 2014

Russian epic fantasy melodic black death metallers Brokdar from Krasnodar released in the end of 2014 their debut full-length album “In Fetters Glacial“. Brokdar is a new band, formed in 2011 on the ruins of a few black metal bands. They started as a melodic death metal band with dark fantasy themes and black metal elements in their sound. After a digital single, Brokdar signed to Fono Ltd and released their debut full-length album on December 23rd, 2014.  

In Fetters Glacial” lasts for almost 42 minutes, including 8 songs, plus a short intro and outro. Like most Russian bands, Brokdar have a very good and professional crystal clear sound. Their music is mid tempo melodic black death metal with a quite dark, epic and melancholic atmosphere. They balance perfectly between the rhythmic brutal technical nature of death metal and the melodic melancholic nature of black metal. The band has very powerful and technical guitars that dominate their sound. Rhythmic riffs and melodic leads, often accompanied by epic symphonic synths, create a very heavy solid musical canvas, which is completed by brutal screaming vocals, closer to the death metal style. There are differences in style between each song; some of them have a heavier death metal approach, others are clearly more epic and melodic and some of them reveal more black metal influences. Most of the time they move in mid tempo rhythm, with only a few faster outbreaks and some calmer atmospheric, almost cinematic passages. All of their lyrics are in Russian, but it’s more than obvious they deal with epic fantasy themes. According to their official Bandcamp page, “In Fetters Glacial” is a concept album which tells about the harsh lands of the northern barbarians.

Brokdar is a very promising band and their debut album is recommended to fans of epic melodic death metal, especially to those who like the addition of black metal elements in the mix. “In Fetters Glacial” is released by Fono Ltd in a standard jewel-case edition CD. It comes with a 12-page booklet including all the lyrics. There is also a separate 2-page insert with the cover artwork on one side and the band line-up on the other (quite unusual). The artwork by Ольга Kолесникова (Olga Kolesnikova) is really great, depicting perfectly the dark epic glacial atmosphere of the album. You can visit the band’s official pages below for more details and sound samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

Brokdar @ Facebook
Brokdar @ VK
Brokdar @ Bandcamp


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