WEH reveal upcoming album details

WEH - Ingenmannsland

Norwegian dark acoustic folk band Weh, the personal project of Erik Evju, will release its new album “Ingenmannsland” on December 4th 2015 via Soulseller Records on digipak edition CD and digitally. “Ingenmannsland” shares the dark lyrical themes with earlier releases, but differs from them by a somewhat colder sound while aspects of war are flowing through the album. There are long days of winter ahead and it’s time to calm down with dark Norwegian folk music! Weh present mesmerizing new acoustic tunes that will make you daydream and plunge into darkness! Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled.

1. Intethet
2. The Second Sight                 
3. Old Stars of the North
4. The Oath
5. Der Lå Et Hav Av Ild
6. Night After Day After Night
7. Ingenmannsland
8. The Great War

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