WINTERHORDE reveal upcoming album details


Melodic extreme metallers Winterhorde from Israel have just shared the artwork and the tracklist of their forthcoming third full-length album “Maestro“. It was recorded by Alex Feldman at Sound Studios, Tel Aviv and by V.Santura at Gustavo’s, Ofer, Israel. The mixing duties will be handled by V.Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Obscura) in Woodshed Studio, Germany. The mastering by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amorphis, Moonspell) in Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. The artwork was done by Eliran Kantor, who had previously worked with Testament, Iced Earth, Kataklysm and Soulfly among others and reflects exactly the mood of the album. Kantor commented: “Winterhorde crafted a haunting tale of dementia that is rich in dark atmosphere and theatrical sensibility, and the artwork was meant to capture its essence while portraying one of its pivotal scenes. Eastern-European theater/cinema poster-art was a big influence here, as it fits the story’s setting and Winterhorde’s creative twist on extreme metal aesthetics“.

1. That Night in Prague
2. Antipath
3. Worms of Soul
4. They came with Eyes of Fire
5. Chronic Death
6. The Heart of Coryphee
7. A Dying Swan
8. Maestro
9. Through the broken Mirror
10. Cold
11. Dancing in Flames

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