WOLFHORDE reveal upcoming debut details

WOLFHORDE - Towards the Gates of North

Folk metal band Wolfhorde from Keuruu, Finland has revealed the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album “Towards the Gates of North“. The album is planned to be released in the end of January 2016 via the Finnish label Inverse Records, both in physical CD edition and digital version in Spotify, iTunes and many others. And while this will be their first full-length, Wolfhorde is actually a quite old band, formed since 2000! Except for a demo and a couple of singles, they have also released 2 EPs, “Deathknot” in 2010 and “Nyvinland” in 2012. Wolfhorde have unveiled the tracklist for “Towards the Gates of North“, as well as its cover art by pnkfdARTS, including the new band logo made by Wappenschmied. Below you can also listen to the song “Fimbulvetr” from the upcoming album.                

1. Vegvísir
2. Fimbulvetr
3. Taivaankappaleiden Kato
4. Death Long-Due
5. The Retribution
6. Unyielding
7. Boundless Agony
8. Lycomania
9. The Gates of North

Werihukka – guitars and other instruments
Hukkapätkä – vocals, drums
Nuoskajalka – bass

Wolfhorde official page
Wolfhorde @ Facebook
Wolfhorde @ Bandcamp


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