DVALIN unveil upcoming album details

DVALIN - Aus dem Schatten

German pagan folk metallers Dvalin from Würzburg have recently signed to NoiseArt Records. The band has just announced that its upcoming debut full-length album “Aus Dem Schatten“, which translates to “Out of the Shadow“, will be released on January 08th, 2016. Where fresh blood is pumping through the veins and the fire of youthful passion is setting hearts ablaze, vision and tradition unite to bring new life into the world. That’s how in 2010 Dvalin were born in the Southern German town of Würzburg – an auspicious alliance of various influences, named after one of the legendary dwarves in Norse mythology, but rather resembling a slumbering giant whose imminent awakening is going to make the metal scene shake in the most massive tremor it has felt in years! Dvalin have released the album tracklist and the cover artwork by Verónica Ibáñez.

As the band states: “After an endless march through dark caverns and chambers Dvalin, military leader of the dwarfs, is finally able to catch a glimpse of the flashy daylight. The Edda tells the story of him leading his people to freedom once again, after having to suffer from years of suppression. That is the mystical moment we tried to capture on our album cover, connecting it with the album title “Aus dem Schatten”, which symbolizes the liberation from the core of the earth. While some of the songs are referring to this tale very directly, others are linked with this subject in a more abstract way, dealing with rise and decay, faith and despair, those contrasts also being processed musically“.

1. Das Heer aus der Tiefe
2. Redeemed by Oblivion
3. Omen (Part I)
4. Schöpfer des Nichts
5. Ostara
6. Zwergenvolk
7. Schrecken des Waldes
8. Skaldenfest
9. Omen (Part II)
10. Unter den Eichen

Nico – vocals
Thomas – guitars
Josef – guitars
Moe – bass
Sebi – drums
Matze – bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy
Marcus – bagpipes, shawm & keyboards

Dvalin official page
Dvalin @ Facebook
Dvalin @ Twitter


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