IAMÍ release tribute EP

IAMI - Inspiracoes

Brazilian dungeon synth / dark ambient / black metal band Iamí, the personal project of Rômulo has just released a very limited EP, entitled “Inspirações“. This EP is containing only cover tributes to great artists of the dungeon synth scene, a very special artifact for the true fans of the genre. It comes in a nice slim package CD edition limited to 30 signed copies. Both CD sticker and cover are hand-numbered. “Inspirações” EP contains 3 tracks: track 1 was originally released by Erang on the “Tome I” album in 2012, track 2 was originally released by Grimrik on the “Eisreich” album in 2014 and track 3 was originally released by Medhelan on the “Ticinum Insubria” album in 2015. Except for the music composition and performance, Rômulo did everything else for this album, including recording, mixing, artwork & design!

1. Servant of the Nothing – 05:25
2. Der Astrale Ursprung (Teil II) – 09:00
3. Gli Spiriti del Bosco – 04:56

Iamí is currently adding the finishing touches on its upcoming second full-length album “Cavernas do Inconsciente” scheduled for release in November 2015.

Iamí @ Facebook
Iamí @ Bandcamp

IAMI - Inspiracoes CD


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