WEEPING BIRTH – Anosognosic Industry of the I

WEEPING BIRTH – Anosognosic Industry of the I

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Death Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Conatus Records
Year: 2008

Weeping Birth is another project of Vladimir Cochet (the man behind Mirrorthrone and Unholy Matrimony) and like always he composes and performs everything on his own. Eeven though the CD was released by the Swiss label Conatus Records in 2008, I think it was actually distributed in 2009 (not the greatest distribution though).

This is the second album of the band, after the debut “A Painting of Raven and Rape” in 2003. Weeping Birth’s music is fast brutal technical death black metal, a genre that I usually don’t enjoy. BUT, Weeping Birth is another case! Vladimir has a very characteristic and personal sound that makes all of his works very recognizable. His riffing is very fast and very melodic at the same time, combining the best of death and black metal. Even though “Anosognosic Industry of the I” lasts for more than 73 minutes, it is full of brilliant riffs and solos, with an amazing variety in speed and rhythm. On the other hand, since most songs are merged with each other and the nature of this genre is ultra fast and brutal, the album becomes a little “too long” for the ears to endure. Anyway I can’t complain, since the quality and the originality of the music is of highest levels and there are also many changes in the songs with some more melodic passages.

Vladimir uses keyboards in this work, but they are most of the time “hidden” behind the storming riffs. Sometimes though, they become more dominant in the atmospheric parts of the album. His vocals are typical of the death / black metal genre, not too extreme or brutal, but giving once again the perfect performance. He also sings with melodic clean vocals in a few parts. Lyrics are half in English and half in Swiss, dealing with death, hatred, gore and violence. His production is amazing (I got used after all his releases) and if you listen to his music for first time you can’t believe this is one man’s band. His sound is so full, flawless and crystal clear, that many bands with much higher budget could never imagine! In most of one man’s projects, someone can tell that it would be better to get a full line-up to improve their sound, but in Vladimir’s project it’s totally unnecessary, since he is a true “master” of all the instruments he uses. He manages to express his ideas perfectly with one of the most solid productions around (and it’s not his best!).

“Anosognosic Industry of the I” is a great release that could satisfy a great variety of listeners from all “range” of black and death metal. The songs were all composed between 2001 and 2004 and recorded in 2004, but they sound very fresh. Since the distribution isn’t the best, I think it’s better to get it directly from their label http://www.conatusrecords.com. You can check Weeping Birth’s official pages on the links below to listen to what they offer.


Rating:  (9/10)

Weeping Birth @ Myspace

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