DARKEST ERA reveal upcoming EP details

DARKEST ERA - Gods and Origins

Northern Ireland’s Darkest Era have revealed the first details of their upcoming release “Gods and Origins”, a 7″ EP that features 2 unreleased tracks. Recorded between Darkest Era’s recording session of “Severance” and Spring 2015, “Gods and Origins” is a resume of a decade of the band’s existence. Yes, over 10 years have passed since guitarists Ade Mulgrew and Sarah Weighell, two school-mates with a passion for metal started writing music together; dusty roads have been walked, cold times have been faced, but the band of their dreams still stands tall and fiery! “Gods and Origins” will be released on November 20th 2015, in a Limited Edition (150) Swamp Green and Regular Black vinyl, featuring cover art by their guitarist Sarah Wieghell. It will be co-released by the band and the label Cruz del Sur Music. Pre-orders will be available from October 31st 2015, both by the label’s and band’s websites. Of the two songs, “An Dagda” matches the classic Darkest Era’s sound, with its epic tones and galloping progression, while B side “Elohim” reflects the band’s more introspective, folkloric moments, as already shown on “Poem to the Gael”.

Ade comments: “Since it’s almost 10 years since myself and Sarah started playing guitar together, we decided to revisit one of the first songs we wrote, ‘An Dagda Awakens’. Written with the fiery energy (and perhaps naivety) of teenage metalheads making their first steps on their journey, we have breathed smoke and ashes into this old song and brought it screaming into the darkness. ‘Elohim’ is a track recorded during the ‘Severance’ sessions. It is an acoustic lament crafted with the spectre of Quorthon looming over it, laced with the sadness and beauty that has become an intrinsic part of what Darkest Era represents“.

Side A – An Dagda
Side B – Elohim

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