WAYLANDER – Honour Amongst Chaos

WAYLANDER – Honour Amongst Chaos

Origin: Ireland
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Black Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Year: 2008

After a long period of silence Waylander return from the past with a fresh new album! For those who don’t remember Waylander is an Irish band formed back in 1993 and one of the first bands that combined Celtic music with extreme metal. The result of their efforts was the impressive and original (for the time it was released) debut “Reawakening Pride Once Lost” in 1998, a unique mixture of tin whistles, Celtic folk tunes and black metal. Three years later the band released it’s second album “The Light, The Dark and the Endless Knot”, where the folk elements and the whistles where reduced, to a more slow death metal mood (that I didn’t like). Since 2001 nothing!

So I was happy when I learnt about the band’s comeback and their plans to release a new album. After many delays the album is finally released and the first encouraging sign is the great epic artwork by the best of his genre Kris Verwimp. It’s very obvious from the beginning that the folk Celtic tunes and traditional instruments are back for good this time. There are many line-up changes, but their sound is more close to their debut. Their music is Celtic metal mixed with black-death, even though few songs are pure epic black-death, without any folk elements (and they are weaker in my opinion).

The songs are interesting and most of the folk orchestrations are very good, while the production is really great, much clearer and strong than their previous releases. Even though “Honour Amongst Chaos” has all the “ingredients” for a great album, it somehow lacks of originality and personality (especially if you have listened to many albums of this genre), something that I hope the band will regain in its future releases. You can check them to get your own verdict at the links below.


Rating:  (7/10)

Waylander @ Facebook
Waylander @ Myspace

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