AL-NAMROOD – Diaji Al Joor

AL-NAMROOD - Diaji Al Joor

Origin: Saudi Arabia
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Shaytan Productions
Year: 2015

Middle Eastern occult black metal band Al-Namrood from Saudi Arabia will soon release its new album, entitled “Diaji Al Joor“. It is the fifth full-length work for the band and it will be out on December 2015. Like all their previous works, it will be released via Shaytan Productions, the Canadian label where the band has found its shelter. Al-Namrood were formed in 2008 by Mephisto and Ostron, their main members since then, who have been changing singers from album to album. This time however it is Humbaba again in the vocals, the same singer with the previous album “Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq“. I really hope he stays in the band, because in my opinion he is the best singer they ever had, fitting perfectly to the mood and concept of their music.       

The band remains faithful to its personal style, without any significant changes or surprises in its sound. The good thing is that I find every single change in this album to be very positive! For me it’s clearly their best release so far. “Diaji Al Joor“, which translates to “Darkness of Injustice“, includes 9 songs with a total duration time a little less than 40 minutes. The compositions move in mid-tempo rhythms, fully influenced by Arabian folk traditional tunes and scales. Their guitar riffs are somehow more powerful and technical this time, retaining at the same time the band’s characteristic raw distorted sound and underground aesthetic. Traditional oriental Arabian acoustic instruments are more dominant than never with a very natural sound. Except for the amazing stringed instruments, already used in the band’s previous albums, this time they also add wonderful wind “flute-like” instruments, adding a more melancholic touch to their sound. Furthermore, I’d like to comment that the band also uses traditional percussion in addition to the typical metal drums, making the whole result so much coherent. Humbaba’s vocals, as I already mentioned, are ideal for the unique dark atmosphere of Al-Namrood’s music. Far from the typical black metal screams, he sings in a style closer to melodic growling recitations, with a heavy Arabian accent, adding much more authenticity to the band’s effort. Of course their lyrics are in their native language, dealing with local myths and traditions, under a general concept: in this album, as the band notes on the CD-booklet, “Al-Namrood articulate the phenomenon of prejudice that feasted the human life into insensibility and utter obsequiousness“.

If you are already a fan of the band, don’t hesitate. This album is the most complete work of Al-Namrood ever, especially in terms of the “marriage” of black metal with traditional Arabian music. They create a very melodic, brutal, atmospheric and unique album. “Diaji Al Joor” is recommended to all fans of folk metal in general, but especially to those who’d like to listen to their beloved genre infused with folk music of unusual origins. The album will be released via Shaytan Productions in a standard jewel-case CD with 4-page booklet limited to 500 copies and in a limited to 300 copies LP edition. The brilliant artwork is by Luciferium War Graphics. Both editions, together with a shirt, will be out on December 2015, but they are already available for pre-order in the label’s web-shop. You can get a first taste of the album by watching the official video for the track “Hayat Al Khezea“, released a few months ago.


Rating:  (9/10)

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