AUGRIMMER reveal upcoming album details

Augrimmer - Moth and the Moon - cover

German atmospheric black metallers Augrimmer from Bavaria will release their 3rd full-length album “Moth and the Moon” on January 15th, 2016 via Northern Silence Productions. Like its predecessors, the upcoming album features Augrimmer’s distinctive style of classic, atmospheric black metal in the Scandinavian tradition of the mid-90s, but it also marks the current pinnacle in their development in terms of songwriting and musicianship. While having worked with more complex song structures on the previous records, “Moth and the Moon” presents the band much more focused, with more straightforward songwriting that allows the various details to come through more naturally in order to work their magic. This gives the album an intense atmospheric consistency, which didn’t exist to that degree on the previous releases. Along with further improved musicianship and adorned with the awesome artwork by Santiago Caruso, “Moth and the Moon” certainly marks the top accomplishment in Augrimmer’s band history. The CD will be released in a limited edition of 900 copies. You can get a taste of the new album by listening to the song “The Lament of Gods” below.

1. The Yonder 1:53
2. Moth and the Moon 7:21
3. Sultana 3:12
4. The Lament of Gods 9:02
5. The Day 2:13
6. Oblivion 7:00
7. AERA 4:24
8. The Herald 3:32
9. Yondering Spirits 9:51

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