WALLACHIA – Ceremony of Ascension

WALLACHIA – Ceremony of Ascension

Origin: Norway
Genre: Melodic Death Metal Pagan Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Twilight Vertrieb
Year: 2009

Some of you may remember the band Wallachia, who released the EP “Wallachia” back in 1997 and the full-length “From Behind The Light” in 1999. After that, silence! Their first releases (the EP and the album) were also re-released by Dark Horizon Records in 2006 as a single CD. So now, 10 years after their last work, they return with a really nice album.

The Norwegian band was a keyboard based black metal band, with very melodic music and extreme vocals. Actually Wallachia is more like a personal project of Lars Stavdal, since he composes all music and writes all lyrics. He also plays all guitars, bass and sings the lead vocals! “Ceremony of Ascension” is an album with a lot of work behind it. Its composition took almost 10 years and this time two other musicians helped: Thomas Kocher with the drums and Stefan Traunmüller (Golden Dawn, Sternenstaub) with the orchestrations and the backing vocals.

The result is very different from their previous works, something expected since the time distance is very big. But it’s not only in matters of production and sound. The music is much more variable, moving from pagan metal to melodic death metal including many genres between them… Keyboards are definitely more back in their sound (not at the same level in every song) and vocals are much improved. Lars sings with black-death metal screams and a few clean vocals and he is equally good in all of them. Each song is very different from the other, being totally recognizable, something rare in most works of the genre that stand rather as a whole album than separate tracks. Some of the songs (or better some parts of the songs) have a more rhythmic aggressive death metal approach and others a more melodic symphonic pagan black mood (and I surely prefer the latter). Of course the limits are totally loose and genres are merged with each other, since there is variety inside the tracks, which have a complex structure, without the typical bridge, chorus, etc. There are 8 songs in the album that lasts only for 36 minutes, without any fillers or repetition. This time the production is very good and Wallachia have a very clear and professional sound.

It is a totally welcomed comeback from a band that seems to be in its second youth. They are now preparing their third album, so they plan to be back for good. I would also like to comment on the enchanting artwork of the album, designed by Laura, whose paintings are some of the best I have ever seen in this style! “Ceremony of Ascension” is released by Twilight Vertrieb and you can get a taste of the music in their myspace page.


Rating:  (8/10)

Wallachia @ Myspace

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