WALDGEFLÜSTER – Herbstklagen

WALDGEFLÜSTER – Herbstklagen

Origin: Germany
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Black Blood Records
Year: 2009

An amazing debut comes from this German one man’s band. Waldgeflüster is Winterherz’s personal project, who is also the singer / guitarist of the band Scarcross. He founded Waldgeflüster in 2005, wanting to explore the pagan black metal genre, since Scarcross have a more progressive orientation. I am really thankful he decided to begin this band, because his music is exceptional! In 2006 Irminsul Records released the demo “Stimmen im Wind” and now Black Blood Records releases the debut album “Herbstklagen”.

Melodic pagan black metal is what we get in this album. Pagan metal based only on the innovative guitars, without any synths “stealing the glory”… Electric guitar riffing is combined with acoustic guitars, resulting in a very emotional and honest sound! Epic melancholic melodies fill the air from the first moment of the album, dragging the listener to a dark, epic atmospheric journey. Winterherz’s vocals are mainly black metal screams, overflowing from passion and emotion. He also uses some great clean vocals and whispers making the songs much more interesting and variable. In this work we also have the participation of many guest musicians, who helped with the drums and with some traditional or acoustic instruments (piano, flutes, etc). There is also a live line-up for the band’s gigs, but on this album Winterherz composed everything himself and performed all guitars and vocals! Lyrics are in German and they deal with nature based themes and heathenism. By the way Waldgeflüster totally separate themselves from NSBM and they clearly state they don’t want any relation with this ideology…

Overall it is a very good work, with a balanced sound and great compositions. There are 9 songs in this album that last for over an hour. Except for the small intro there are six long pagan black metal songs (can’t pick one, since all are great), the instrumental song “Herbststürme”, as well as the closing acoustic track “Wintermorgen”. The production of “Herbstklagen” is very professional and even though it’s an underground album it can be easily compared with mainstream releases of the genre… So don’t hesitate to check them on the links below.


Rating:  (9/10)

Waldgeflüster @ Myspace
Waldgeflüster @ Facebook

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