ELVENKING reveal upcoming live album details

ELVENKING - The Night of Nights

After 8 studio albums, Italian folk power metallers Elvenking will finally fulfill the wish of their dedicated, worldwide Elvenlegions and release a live album, entitled “The Night of Nights – Live”. It will be out on December 4th, 2015 via AFM Records (January 22nd, 2016 for USA). Recordings for “The Night of Nights – Live” took place in the band’s hometown Pordenone in Italy and the magic of this very special night was captured perfectly. “The Night of Nights – Live” comes in a DVD + 2CD digipak edition, including the full show (more than two hours playing time) on both DVD and CD. The DVD additionally comes up with their six official video clips. The amazing cover artwork was made by the artist Samuel Araya Art.

- CD 1:
1. The Manifesto                        
2. Trows Kind
3. The Wanderer
4. Runereader
5. Pagan Revolution
6. She Lives at Dawn
7. Jigsaw Puzzle
8. Elvenlegions
9. The Cabal
10. A Prayer to Cernunnos
11. Moonbeam Stone Circle
12. Symohn’s Bash
13. From Blood to Stone
14. Skywards
15. Disillusion’s Reel

- CD 2:
1. Elven Aftermath
2. Seasonspeech
3. Through Wolf’s Eyes
4. The Divided Heart
5. Neverending Nights
6. The Winter Wake
7. Era Theme
8. The Loser
9. The Oak Woods Bestowed
10. Pagan Purity

- DVD (25 tracks):
See CD1 + CD2

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