Origin: Italy
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Inch Productions
Year: 2008

Inchiuvatu is a very special and very unknown band of the underground Italian scene. They were formed in 1993 by Agghiastru who is one of the pioneers of the “Mediterranean Scene”. This scene consists of a bunch of bands coming from Sciacca in Sicily, who want to offer something new with their music, using ancient Sicilian dialect and legends of the Mediterranean area…

Agghiastru is the mastermind behind Inchuviatu, a band that has already released 5 full-length albums. At their first steps they were a much more raw black metal band, having though some hints that they would evolve into a more melodic band. So nowadays it’s better to describe their music as extreme melodic metal with black metal elements especially in the vocals. They have a very personal and weird sound under a much-improved production. The orchestrations are very rich (close to symphonic black metal at sometimes) with guitars and keyboards having an equal importance in their sound. The guitar riffing isn’t typical black metal and it has a more rhythmic heavy approach, while synths and other instruments usually carry out the melodic lines.

Their lyrics are all in Sicilian dialect and their themes are about antichristianity, local legends, sex and drama. They manage to create a very “sick and weird” atmosphere with their music, due to the use of bizarre keys and the very expressive vocals of Agghiastru both in his black metal singing and in his more “calm” vocals. “Miseria” is actually a double album (1 CD though) since there are two parts in it, the first recorded in 2007 and the other in 2008. Of course if you don’t know that info, you can’t understand any difference between them. So there are totally 16 songs lasting for more than 63 minutes, while the last one is a live song from 1997.

If you are interested in knowing more about this unknown “Mediterranean Scene”, Inchiuvatu is, in my opinion, the best band to begin with. There are also other bands with Agghiastru in their line-up, like Lamentu (ethno African black metal), Astimi (black death metal), La Caruta di li Dei (folk black metal), Visina (black metal), Ultima Missa (black metal) and Agghiastru (rock). You can find info and samples for all the above and more bands in their official label Inch Productions. You can also visit Inchiuvatu’s page on myspace. I believe there are bands in this label that worth your attention, especially if you like exploring bands of the underground, that have something to tell…


Rating:  (9/10)

Inchiuvatu @ Myspace

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