METALMESSAGE releases new promo series


Once started in 2004, the popular series of MetalMessage Promotion Samplers goes on with “VI” since November 5th, 2015. This new compilation includes 15 tracks from 15 different bands covering a very wide range of metal genres. Bands worth listening to and cover artists worth seeing, will be actively and internationally supported again at the same time. The detailed and colorful front cover art in the timeless classic heavy metal style was created by the Mexican graphic talent Joel Sánchez Rosales. “MetalMessage – VI” is released only digitally and in available for free download in MetalMessage’s official Bandcamp page.

1. Alteck (Germany) – — . – .- .-.. — . … … .- –. .
2. Warfield (Germany) – Barrage Fire                     
3. Sylvatica (Denmark) – Evil Seeds
4. Eisenhauer (Germany) – Horse Of Hell
5. Incursed (Basque Country) – Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire)
6. Running Death (Germany) – Hell On Earth
7. Morthus (Germany) – Blinded By The Holy Light
8. Skyconqueror (Germany) – Horsemen Of The Grail
9. Cyrence (Germany) – The Hospital
10. Halo Creation (Austria) – Through The Looking Glass
11. Mortal Peril (Germany) – Senor Wampo
12. Toxic Waltz (Germany) – Priest Of Lie
13. Northland (Spain) – When Nature Awakes
14. Vengeful Ghoul (Turkey) – The Sovereign Place
15. Myrkgrav (Norway) – Vonde Auer

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