DAËNA reveal upcoming demo details

DAENA - Legendes

French folk death metallers Daëna have revealed the first details of their upcoming 6-track demo EP “Legendes“, as well as its opening track “Winterfrost (intro)” that you can listen below. Daëna is a new band, combining folk traditional instruments and death metal with fantasy-based lyrics, inspired by authors like David Gemmell, Terry Goodkind and J.R.R. Tolkien. If everything goes as planned, “Legendes” will be self-released by the band on March 2016, both in digital format and in physical CD edition. Daëna have already unveiled the beautiful cover artwork by Paul Thureau and the demo tracklist.

1. Winterfrost (intro)
2. Fier et Conquérant 
3. Hargaentroll
4. Skal (instrumental)
5. Terre Sauvage
6. Luor

Soren – vocals, cor
Teanlys – tin whistle, sopilka
Koad – drums
Kelth – bass, didgeridoo, choirs
Swan – guitars, choirs

Daëna official page
Daëna @ Facebook


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