VANIR reveal first details of upcoming mini album

VANIR - Aldar Rok

Danish Viking metallers Vanir from Roskilde have just revealed the first details of their upcoming mini album entitled “Aldar Rök“. It includes 7 songs and it will be hopefully released on late 2015 / early 2016, both in digital format and in a limited CD edition. Vanir have just unveiled the cover artwork, painted by their bass players Lars Bundvad! The album tracklist is already available, while the band has recently debuted the single “Wrath of Sutr” as a teaser of the upcoming album. You can listen to it here in order to get a first taste of “Aldar Rök“. As the band states: “with new warriors under our war banners, we had to forge some new songs for our future raiding parties! It’s going to be gritty, dark and epic“.

1. Black Legion                  
2. Pretorian
3. Unrepentant
4. Broken Throne
5. Wrath of Sutr
6. The Serpent
7. Drikkevisen (bonus track)

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