FIMBULTYR – Gryende Tidevarv

FIMBULTYR - Gryende Tidevarv

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Epic Black Metal Epic Death Metal Viking Metal
Label: Unexploded Records
Year: 2008

Fimbultyr is a new band coming from Sweden playing black / death Viking metal. Formed in 2005 they released the demo “Ändlösa Frågor” in 2006, whose most songs are rerecorded and put together with new ones for their debut “Gryende Tidevarv” just released by Unexploded Records.

They play typical Viking black metal with many epic death metal elements too. They have a very powerful sound and production, where guitars and black/death vocals have the leading role. There are also many keyboards, with nice melodic epic ideas, which are in the background most of the time. Sometimes though, they become more dominant and the band shows a very interesting symphonic face. Their melodic parts are very good, but more limited than what I’d like. I’m sure they intend to sound more powerful and brutal and that’s why the more melodic elements are in the background. In my opinion this can be ok for a few songs, but it gets kind of repetitive for a whole album. Luckily enough they seem to be able to create epic melodic music too, so I can expect better things from them in the future.

Overall it’s a good debut from a band that has a very good and professional sound and some nice ideas in the songwriting. The orchestrations are also very rich and all the technical details of the album are much above average for a debut. I’d just like to see a bigger variety in the vocals (the few clean ones are very good) and a more personal identity. Maybe a bigger investment on their melodic Viking side can make them even better. Anyway it’s a decent album and you can have a first taste of Fimbultyr on their myspace page.


Rating:  (8/10)

Fimbultyr @ Myspace

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