BIFRÖST reveal upcoming album details

BIFROST - Mana Ewah

After the huge success of their previous albums “Heidenmetal” in 2010 and “Tor in Eine Neue Welt” in 2013, Austrian epic pagan metallers Bifröst have announced the release dates of their upcoming 4th full-length album. Varied, refreshing and breathtaking, Bifröst’s long awaited new album “Mana Ewah” will be released in CD edition via Einheit Produktionen on December 18th 2015 in Germany, Austria & Switzerland and on January 22nd 2016 in the rest of the world. Moving between melodic death, pagan and black metal, “Mana Ewah“, the ‘Eternal Man’ is an album you should not miss! Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed. More info will soon follow.

1. Himmelsfall
2. Verräters Geschick         
3. Mana Ewah
4. Waffenbruder Niedergang
5. Im Angesicht des Todes
6. Tobendes Herz
7. Neubeginn

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