ELUVEITIE – Evocation I (The Arcane Dominion)

ELUVEITIE – Evocation I

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Folk Acoustic Folk Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2009

Eluveitie is maybe the most famous band from Switzerland and one of the biggest names in pagan folk metal scene. After the EP “Vên” in 2004 and their very successful debut “Spirit” in 2006 (both released by Fear Dark Records), the 8-membered band signed in Nuclear Blast to release their second album “Slania” in 2008.

In all these three albums Eluveitie played pagan folk black / death metal with many traditional instruments, brutal male lead vocals combined with some female ones and they were quite good (even though a little overestimated in my opinion). What we get in “Evocation I” is much different than their previous works. It is a fully acoustic album, with countless traditional Celtic instruments like hurdy-gurdy, bodhràn, tin and low whistles, fiddle, Scottish highland pipe, redpipe, bagpipes, mandola, mandoline, flute, whistles, hammered dulcimer, 5-stringed viola, Celtic harp, long-necked lute, shalm, crumhorn, etc. Female vocals is the dominant style of singing this time, with very few brutal male accompanying them here and there. Both female singers are very improved, doing an excellent work on this album. It is obvious that the result is much more folk and ritualistic than ever before.

It isn’t an easy to comprehend album with the first listen, but if you spend more time on it, you will definitely get rewarded. The structure of most songs isn’t the usual one, with bridge – refrain etc, but it is somehow “free”. On the other hand, the more “typical” songs of this album are very well composed, with catchy melodies and some of them, like “Omnos”, are already “hits”, with their video-clips playing worldwide. Actually there are 15 songs in this album, but most of them are about 3-4 minutes long, so the album lasts for 47 minutes. The production and the musical skills of all musicians are in professional level and this is in my opinion the best album of the band (even though, I usually prefer the “heavier” face of such bands). The lyrics of the majority of the songs (except of 3) in “Evocation I” are original Gaulish texts written 1600 to 2100 years ago and you’ll find them printed in the ancient typeface in the booklet! This is another proof of the very hard and serious effort that has been put on this work.

“Evocation I”, is a very original and personal album, recommended to all open-minded Eluveitie fans, but also to those who like more acoustic folk musical experiments. The album is released in a normal edition CD, as well as in digipak version with 2 extra songs and a bonus DVD, with their live at Summer Breeze in 2008. If you want to listen to some songs of this new effort of the band (or of their previous works, if you don’t know them at all) you can visit their myspace page here.


Rating:  (9/10)

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