FEN – The Malediction Fields

FEN – The Malediction Fields

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Aural Music Code 666 Records
Year: 2009

Finally the debut album of Fen is out! The band comes from The Fens (a region in eastern England, where they took their name from) and they were formed in 2006. After their very promising EP “Ancient Sorrow” that was released by Northern Silence in 2007, they moved to Code666 for their new work. I was really looking forward to listen to this release and thankfully the time has come.

Already from their first work the band showed its will to experiment and explore different genres of music in their sound. And if their time was limited back then, now they offer us almost an hour of music. The general term atmospheric black metal isn’t enough to describe them, but on the other hand it’s the closest I can think of. Fen definitely have their roots into black metal, something more obvious in the guitar riffs and their screaming vocals. They want to create a very melancholic atmosphere and in order to express their emotions better, they often move into other genres, like acoustic music and post rock (something we have also seen in the EP).

“The Malediction Fields” is a very dark and emotional album, containing 8 long songs. They move into slow and mid tempo rhythms with many changes in the songs. Except for the “angry” black metal vocals there also clean ones and some choirs (that need improvement), offering a more sorrowful “crying” feeling in their melancholic atmosphere. They use many keyboards in their melodies, enriching their sound and adding to the sad mood of their songs. Their songwriting is very solid and everything comes natural, making the barriers between the genres to disappear. The overall quality of the album is very good, but I believe that they can improve more, since there are some moments in the songs that are really brilliant, while others aren’t at the same level. Of course we shouldn’t forget that it’s only a debut!

The CD is released in a beautiful digipak and this time the production is very good and professional. Their sound is something between underground and mainstream and they have found the right balance, like they did with the different elements in their music. Fans of Agalloch, Ulver should definitely check them. If you are into atmospheric experimental black metal you have nothing to lose by visiting their Facebook and myspace profiles for samples.


Rating:  (9/10)

Fen @ Facebook
Fen @ Myspace

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