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Italian epic folk melodic death metal band Ephyra from Como has just released its second full-length album, entitled “Along the Path”. After the 2013 debut album “Journey”, the band signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, a Scarlet Records sub-label and they are ready to make their big step. Let’s see what the band has to tell….

- Hello. Thank you very much for your time to make this interview. Ephyra is a relatively new band, that is now trying to get bigger. Would you like to introduce your band to our readers? (line-up, music style) What is the exact meaning of the band name and how did you choose it?                  

Hello friends. Ephyra was born 10 years ago as a cover band, but in 2009 we started to play original music. It’s hard to define what kind of music we play because it’s a cross of influences from melodic death to folk/epic and symphonic metal. Your readers can buy our albums and tell us what they think about it Smilie: :D. The name “Ephyra” originates from the video-game “Severance: Blade of Darkness”. We liked the epic sound of the word and we decided to use it as the name of the band.

- Tell us a few words about the beginning of Ephyra? What were your initial ambitions when forming this band? Are there any significant changes in the music style or in the band line-up since then?

At the beginning the only target was to have fun.. Then, after the recording of our demo in 2009, the project became a bit more serious. We had a lot of problems with the line-up, it’s hard to remember how many musicians have played in our band and this is why the songs of the first album “Journey” are less homogeneous than in “Along the Path“. Finally it seems we have a stable line-up, so we can work better.

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- In 2013 you self-released your debut album “Journey”. How was this album received? Anything special you’d like to mention about this work?

Journey” was received better than we expected. We had a lot of positive reviews and a great response from live shows.. It will be forever important for us, because with it we’ve started to play on important stages and with famous bands… a cool experience!!

- “Along the Path” is just released. Which are the first reactions from fans and press? Are you satisfied with the result?

Very satisfied!!! Most reviews are excellent… And we had a great response from our fans at the “Along the Path” release party night. Now we’ll start the promotional tour, so let’s see how it goes.

- How would you describe this new album music-wise?

Well… Talking about music, you will find heavy guitar riffs, folk melodies of harps, strings and flute, growl male and clean female vocals. Something more then “Journey“.

- Are there any special recording facts you’d like to share, or any guest musicians worth mentioning?

The recording days are always busy but funny… You can see something in a studio report video published on our YouTube channel (Ephyra band). This time we worked with some special guests: Mattia Stancioiu at the ethnic percussions, Silvia Bonino (Folkstone) at the harps, Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico) voice on the single “All at Once” (find the official video on youtube Bakerteam Records’ channel) and Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire) at the flute.

- What are the changes you see in “Along the Path” compared to the debut? What should your old fans expect from the new work? Are there any surprises?

Well, probably the biggest difference is the sound: it’s more heavy and aggressive. Then we have real ethnic instruments and the production was qualitatively higher. Vocals lines are more complex, but always catchy… in conclusion, it’s an album to discover.

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- Your first work was self-released. Now you have signed to Bakerteam Records. What are the differences you see? I guess things went on a more serious level. Does that put more pressure on you, or does it excite you?

Yes, the things are more serious now, so we have a little bit of pressure but we are excited too, because we don’t know what to expect… The work is more detailed and we are curious to see the results.

- Would you like to give us any information about the lyrical concept of your albums? Is any of them a concept work? Is there any deeper message inside the lyrics?

Along the Path” is a concept album that talks about the destiny of a warrior who has lost everything but keep fighting to survive… and it’s a metaphor of the hardness of our actual life with all its difficulties.

- Do you plan to support and promote your album by touring? Are there any confirmed shows and dates you’d like to share?

Of course!!! We are planning a lot of gigs in Italy, but in the future we’ll look for some European towns. In 2016 we will play at Rockland Fest in Pavia (Italy).

- What should someone who attends your live-show has to expect from Ephyra on stage?

Fun and a wall of sound Smilie: :)

Ephyra - band 2

- You recently released your new music video for the song “All at Once”. Would you like to tell a few words about it? I find both your videos very good. Is there any new video prepared?

The recordings of “All at Once” were very funny.. Think to a lot of guys who start to drink beer early in the morning and you will imagine the mood Smilie: :D Mattia was the director of the video and he did a very good job. At the moment we are not planning a new video, but never say never…

- What are the future plans of Ephyra? Is there any bigger schedule to follow, or any ambition to fulfill?

Now we have to promote the new album so we will play a lot of shows… The ambition is to grow but only the time will say something about it.. Your readers can help us buying our CD.

- How do you see the epic folk metal scene in your country? In my opinion there are many great new bands. If not my favorite, Italy has one of my favorites scenes for sure. Are there any bands you’d like to recommend? Is any of Ephyra’s members involved in any other band too?

In the last years the Italian folk metal scene had a rebirth thanks to bands like Folkstone, Elvenking, Furor Gallico and many others.. And also the underground scene is starting to have a higher level, so search and take a listen to our “travel friends”. Some Ephyra’s members play in other bands, but no one of the same kind.

- Thank you very much for this interview. I wish you all the best with the band and the new album. Keep in touch. Last words are yours.

Thanks a lot to you Dimitris. We appreciate the work of people like you, who spend their time to give space and visibility to the underground scene and to us (poor musicians Smilie: :D). The last words are for your readers:
Follow and support us on our official channels you will find below… and buy original music to keep it alive. Stay Ephyra \m/

Nadia Casali – Vocals
Francesco Braga – Vocals
Matteo Santoro – Guitars & Choirs
Paolo Diliberto – Guitars & Choirs
Alessandra Biundo – Bass
John Tagliabue – Drums

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