ILLDÅD unveil upcoming album details

ILLDAD - Bland Bot Och Sot

Folk metal band Illdåd, the personal project of Anton Trollmania Tordås from Sweden, will finally release its debut full-length album “Bland Bot och Sot” on January 25, 2016 in digital format. A physical release will follow a few months later. The album title comes from the old Swedish saying “Bot och Sot” that describes what witches or some beings could do to humans; good things, but also bad things… It contains loads of Swedish folklore, both happy and freaky ones, but also made up stories. Anton decided to put two of the old tracks on the album, “Herrarna i Hagen” and “Månskensdans“, which have been re-recorded of course. The album also includes a cover of “Far“, a great song by the Swedish actor and folksinger Allan Edwall. The riffs and melodies of Bland Bot och Sot” have been more tricky this time. Compared to the 2014 EP “Gröttlefar” this record will have much heavier riffs, faster guitars, more melodies and more female vocals by the session singer Alexandra Linn, who is also responsible for the amazing cover artwork!

1. Illdåd (intro)
2. Månskensdans
3. Gruvmaja
4. Fyllefader
5. Moder Natur
6. Far
7. Småtteknytt
8. Tidens Bot
9. Herrarna i Hagen

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