Furor Gallico is a new Italian folk metal band that released its newest work “Songs from the Earth” in the beginning of 2015, via Scarlet Records. It is the second full-length album for this band from Monza, and it is really a very good work. Let’s see what the band members have to tell us.

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- Hello from Metal Soundscapes. Thank you very much for your time to make this interview. Your new album “Songs from the Earth” is now almost one year old. Hοw satisfied are you from it and what is the feedback you got so far?

Hi there!! Our full-length is now 1 year old, and after two tours, one of which supporting Mago de Oz, and many positive reviews, we cannot but be extremely enthusiastic! Recording a band’s second full-length is always a difficult step, since both the fans and the critics have precise expectations and when you venture outside your own box, as we did with “Songs from the Earth“, the results are hard to predict… but the feedback so far has always been positive, in terms of turnout, sales and reviews.

- Are there any new elements in your sound? How different is your new album compared to the debut?

Actually, the line-up behind the second full-length is the same of the first one, apart from the rhythm section, since credits for the composition are to be given to Simone and Fabio too. But I bet our next work will definitely result from a more significant change.. Smilie: ;)

- Since your beginning there were many line-up changes in Furor Gallico. In “Songs from the Earth” there were several new members. Is the line-up stable since then? Would you like to introduce the new members of your 8-piece line-up?

Ours, is such a peculiar situation: since 2007, 12 members have changed, for several reasons: job, family or simply because they could no longer match the band’s project. Today, we can boast a remarkable rhythm section, made up of Mirko (drums) and Markyo (bass guitar), respectively coming from the djent and the grind scenes; the other new members are Mattia (guitars) member of the heavy metal act Heavenfall and Gabriel (guitars), latest new entry and former member of the melodic death metal band Blast My Requiem (Milan).

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- Would you like to give us some info about the lyrical themes of your music. Is your new album a concept work? Is there any symbolism or deeper meaning in your music?

We are deeply rooted in the traditions of our gorgeous land, Italy. Hence, our lyrics draw inspiration from our legends. As for our relationship with nature, we generally endorse some ancient conceptions that compare the natural sphere to the artificial world, urging men to seek a harmonious relationship with nature. However, even if our lyrics are devoted to similar topics, I wouldn’t call it a real concept.

- How would you describe your new album in your own words?

It is the natural continuation of our first release. Here, you can find tracks that would fit perfectly in “Furor Gallico” side by side, in a balanced way, to others which draw inspiration from different music genres. We dared to do something different, not caring of how far we were venturing outside our box, because we did not want to repeat ourselves: it would be easier, maybe, to play the same stuff again and again just to sell, but that’s not what we are interested in! We want to play our music the way we like it and we do it wholeheartedly, even if it brings to unusual songs, such as “Steam over the Mountain” or “Diluvio”.

- What are you main influences when composing your songs? How difficult is it to combine and balance the traditional folk instruments and tunes with the metal orchestrations? Do the folk melodies define and produce the main idea of each song? Which is the compositions process you follow?

Hard to say… every song has its story! It could start from a melody played by Becky with her harp, then we create the rhythm structure to support it. Sometimes, it’s a guitar riff the spark which ignite the whole process, coloured with melodies conceived by the different acoustic instruments.

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- The band was formed back in 2007. What are your memories from this period, that was marked with the release of the demo EP “390 B.C. – The Glorious Dawn”?

We were basically too young and the only thing we could ask from a band was to spend some time together, drinking and joking while rehearsing. It was nice! But then we found ourselves on big stages, in front of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of screaming boys and girls. Nice again! Completely different, but equally beautiful!

- In 2010 your debut album “Furor Gallico” was self-released. One year later it was re-released via Massacre Records! Tell us a few words about this quite successful debut.

Well, “Furor Gallico” sold more copies, no doubt at all. After a live gig supporting Eluveitie, in Switzerland, we had the possibility to talk to their manager, Oliver Macchi, who said to be interested in cooperating with us. No need to say we agreed immediately! That was the first step, followed by other collaborations of paramount importance for us: first Massacre Records, that reissued Furor Gallico, then Scarlet Records, that, after all the copies went sold, suggested to a second reissue. Let me say we’ve got our great deal of luck, since we found the right people in the right moment, and they all were interested in working with us!

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- Your new album came out almost 5 years later. Why did it took you so long? What has happened in the between?

The line-up changed many times, we were looking for the right studio and the right sound for this album, and, of course we worked hard on the songs: all those small things added together caused a great loss of time!

- Your new album is released via Scarlet Records, a quite famous label. How do you explain that both your releases gained the attention of big metal labels? I ask this question because you are a relatively new band, in an overcrowded genre. Have you got the distribution and promotion you expected so far?

Since 2012 we’ve been working side by side with Bagana Rock Agency, one of the biggest booking agencies in Italy. They’ve believed in us from the very beginning and always backed us, fostering the band’s growth. No need to say that we should thank them too if we had the possibility to sign with Scarlet Records. Back in 2007 we would have never expected anything like this!

- Would you like to give us some info about Furor Gallico’s stage performances? What should you fans expect from you? Are there any gig or tour dates you’d like to reveal?

We ONLY want to spread our music over all the Italian and the European stages we hit, committing ourselves at 101% to share it with our audience! It is vital for us to create a synergy with our fans, since they are the real show!

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- Your country’s folk metal scene is blooming lately. Do you follow it? Are there any recommendations? Does any Furor Gallico members participate in other bands worth mentioning?

Becky played in Folkstone and in Folkheart, while Laura (former Furor Gallico’s violinist, currently with The Clan) took part in Skoll and Folkheart projects, but the other members have been part of different scenes, playing other kind of metal: Bowel Stew, Bastard Saints, Heavenfall, Blast My Requiem… as you can see, all those bands fall into more extreme category.

- Maybe it’s still early, but what are the next plans for Furor Gallico? How do you see / dream the future of the band?

At the moment we are (almost) inactive as for our live gigs, since we are currently working on new material and we will take a break from the stage activity in order to focus on the new full-length. Well, actually we do have some gig (complete inactivity is not for us!), but our main goals now are rehearsing and recording!

- Thank you for this interview. I wish you all the best. Last words are yours.

Thank you for this kind opportunity!

We would like to thank all of you, the readers and our fans. If we have the possibility to get onstage again and again is only because of you!

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