FFERYLLT – Dance of Druids

FFERYLLT – Dance of Druids

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Black Metal Folk Metal
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions
Year: 2009

Fferyllt is a very interesting new band from Russia, with a very strange to pronounce or even write name. Even though the band begun in 2003, it is 2007 when Fferyllt became a full band. Except for a demo “A Celtic Tale” in 2006, the band hadn’t released anything else until now, where they offer us their debut “Dance of Druids”, released by Stygian Crypt.

Diarmaid (Dmitry Eliseev) is the founder of the band and also its frontman, since he composes all music and performs keyboards, drum-machine, acoustic guitars, bodhran and mouth harp! Fferyllt’s music can be described as folk black metal, but it’s far from the typical examples. Their music is very variable and a big credit for this goes to their excellent female singer Astrid (Joona Zelenskaya). She has a very beautiful voice and she can sing perfectly both in Celtic style as well as in operatic vocals (that is her strong point). Most of the songs are in slow and mid tempo, where melody has the first role. Some of the songs have only female vocals and a calmer orchestration, while others are a bit into the extreme side, with faster riffing and the addition of black metal vocals.

The album has a folk Celtic mood, with many traditional instruments and synths that create a pagan medieval atmosphere. The lyrics are mainly in English, even though there are a couple of songs in Russian. Northern European paganism, Asatru, Celts and Druidism are their main subjects that they manage to dress perfectly with their music. “Dance of Druids” is a very well composed album, since all the songs are great and at the same level, even though of different style. The idea of mixing epic folk metal with operatic vocals works really great for the band. Except for the amazing vocals, all other band members are also good, since everything is very well played, with a great balance between the different instruments. The only think I’d like to see improved are the drum machine and the production, so that everything will be more natural, since some instruments don’t sound that “real”.

Fans of Falkenbach, Ensiferum, Folkearth, etc. should definitely invest on this band. Fferyllt have also made two great covers on “LAI LAI HEI” (Ensiferum) and “Inis Mona” (Eluveitie) and these 2 songs close this great album. You can check their music on the band’s official sites below.


Rating:  (9/10)

Fferyllt @ Facebook
Fferyllt @ Myspace

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