FEJD – Storm

FEJD – Storm

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2009

At the end of March Napalm Records will release the debut album of this Swedish folk band. Fejd begun in 2001 by Rimmerfors brothers and it took them 8 years to compose a full-length album. In the mid time they made 2 demos and the self-released the EP “Eld” in 2006, which obviously got Napalm’s attention.

Fejd use traditional Nordic instruments and melodies and they offer us an hour of beautiful acoustic folk Swedish music. Even though they don’t use electric guitars, they have a “metal” feeling in their sound, since their compositions have a heavier approach than the typical folk music and they also use drums. Bouzouki, Swedish bagpipe, Jew’s harp, hurdy-gurdie, cow antler, recorder, willow-pipe, moraharpa (keyed fiddler) are some of the instruments they use in order to create the unique orchestrations of their songs. All of the lyrics are in Swedish and the amazing clean male vocals are in my opinion the strong “card” in this album. Rimmerfors brothers sing with passion and their vocals are sometimes very expressive and calm and other times a bit more aggressive (but nothing too extreme). In a few songs they also use very nice female vocals, adding a more tranquil feeling to their music.

The result of “Storm” is very atmospheric, combining the beautiful and sad melodies of Nordic folk music and the epic heaviness of metal. It is a very honest effort and if you like this music you shouldn’t ignore them. They are not the first band that invented this genre, since many others in the past have tried to marry folk music with a heavier metal sound (Otyg, Lumsk, and others). Even though they remind the aforementioned bands (especially if you are not familiar with this genre), Fejd have something different to offer and you can check their music at the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Fejd @ Facebook
Fejd @ Myspace

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