SABHANKRA unveil first details of upcoming album


Turkish power folk black death metallers Sabhankra will release their third full-length album “Revenge” in 2016. This album was actually recorded in 2007 as their second full-length, after “Powercraft” from 2006, but due to problems related to labels at that time it was never released. Sabhankra kept the songs for 8 years and re-recorded them in 2015. Meanwhile, in December 2014, they released their second album “Seers Memoir” via the Russian label Haarbn Productions. So ”Revenge” will be actually an old album re-recorded, but never released before. Its music style moves somewhere between epic, extreme, power and melodic death metal. It is a concept album, telling the story of a commander who leads the imperial army to success, but realizes in the end that he serves evil and commits suicide. The band has recently unveiled the beautiful cover artwork created by Marta Sokolowska and the album tracklist.

1. You Will Die
2. One Shall Fall
3. Cursed Sword
4. Immortal Son
5. Revenge
6. Eternal Rage
7. Hate
8. I Will Die with Your Love
9. Nightmare
10. To Die For a Lie
11. Abandoned by the Gods

Savaş Sungur – vocals & guitars
Süha Kozbey – guitars
Gürkan Yücel – bass
Mehmet Engin – drums

Sabhankra @ Facebook
Sabhankra @ MySpace
Sabhankra @ Bandcamp


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