COR SCORPII – Monument

COR SCORPII – Monument

Origin: Norway
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Descent Productions
Year: 2008

After the death of Valfar some members of Windir formed Vreid, a band that had nothing to do with Windir’s unique Viking black metal. Some of them though formed this much more unknown band, that tries to continue Valfar’s legacy, being in the same genre. Do they manage it?

The band was formed in 2004 and next year they released their first 4-track sold out demo that left many promises. And now they strike back with their debut full-length “Monument”. The album begins with a classical piece in the background, like it’s been played from a used and half-ruined vinyl. And after one minute the main song begins! YES. This is music! Windir are back. Amazing guitar lines based on classical music and folk tunes, with unparalleled composing brilliance! This album continues where “Arntor” ended, Windir’s best work in my opinion. The sound of Cor Scorpii is much more solid and the production excellent. Guitars have by far the leading role, while keyboards help the melodies and add a lot in the construction of this “full” sound. Thomas S. Øvstedal’s screams are very passionate and expressive, fitting perfectly the music, while there are also a few clean vocals by a guest vocalist, that I would prefer to be more… Maybe next time.

All of the songs are very melodic, yet fierce and full of power, especially in the parts with singing. I never expected something that good in this “Sognametal” genre, even though I hoped for it! For me it is better than the last 2 Windir albums, but since words usually don’t mean much, you better take a look on their official pages and let the music speak.


Rating:  (10/10)

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