NACHTGESCHREI – Am Rande der Welt

NACHTGESCHREI – Am Rande der Welt

Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2009

This is the second work from folk metallers Nachtgeschrei, after their debut “Hoffnungsschimmer” in 2008. This German band (that consists of 7 members) was formed in 2006 and they managed to sign a contract with Massacre Records that released both their works so far.        

The main influences of Nachtgeschrei are bands like In Extremo and Subway to Sally, but they managed to build their own characteristic sound. They play folk rock and folk metal, with the first being more dominant. They have a warm feeling in their melodies, balancing very skillfully between sad and “happy” folk tunes. They use many traditional instruments, especially bagpipes that have the most important role in their music. Their vocalist Holger Franz has a very recognizable “trembling” voice, fitting perfectly with their music. The band sounds very tight and their production reveals professionalism. On the other hand, I can say that their compositions aren’t that balanced. There are some great moments and melodies, but also many times when they don’t sound very original. I believe that their level is the same both in rock and metal, but I admit I prefer their more powerful moments…

If you like folk rock / metal and bands like In Extremo, Morgenstern, Subway to Sally etc, you will probably find Nachtgeschrei very interesting. “Am Rande der Welt” is more than a decent release for the genre and you can listen on your own at their official pages.


Rating:  (7/10)

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