ENSHADOWED and DISOLVO ANIMUS reveal upcoming split miniLP details

ENSHADOWED + DISOLVO ANIMUS - Obscured Forces Incarnated

Greek label Razorbleed Productions is proud to announce the upcoming split release between black metal band Enshadowed and black death metal band Disolvo Animus, both from Athens Greece. Entitled “Obscured Forces Incarnated“, this split mini-LP will be released on February 2016, limited to 250 copies in 12″ black vinyl. It will contain exclusive material from both bands, with 2 tracks from each side of the vinyl. The amazing cover artwork of ”Obscured Forces Incarnated” is already unveiled. César Valladares Illustration made an incredible artwork, channeling both band’s visions through their compositions. Disolvo Anumis’ track “Of Serpent and Man“, is the first song with their new vocalist, Dagwn. Extra credits goes to Einar Eldur Thorberg Guðmundsson from Den Saakaldte, for his guest clean vocals. An official lyrics video for the track is already released. You can watch it below and get a first taste of this much anticipated release!

- SIDE A (Enshadowed)
01. The Worshiper
02. Magic Chaos Psychedelia (tribal version)
- SIDE B (Disolvo Animus)
03. Of Serpent and Man
04. Kalpa Vigraha Leper

Enshadowed @ Facebook
Disolvo Animus @ Facebook
Disolvo Animus @ Twitter
Razorbleed Productions official page
Razorbleed Productions @ Facebook


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