SUS SCROFA debut EP out now

SUS SCROFA - Sinistre Sylve EP

Sus Scrofa have finally released their debut EP, entitled “Sinistre Sylve“. It is the official comeback of the pioneers of French pagan black metal scene, after more than twenty years of silence. Sus Scrofa is a band formed from the members of Cober Ord, Stille Volk and La Breiche. “Sinistre Sylve” is released via the Russian label Nomos Dei Productions, in a limited to 300 copies A5 digipak edition CD. Sinistre Sylve – sinister forest. The forest as a character, personified image in philosophic and animistic vision. Growing through the branches of deep woods, roaming the secret paths of visible and invisible, Sus Scrofa music roots deep into abundant soil of Pyrenean myths. Their lyrics are written in French and Occitan, the language of troubadours – wandering poets of Middle Ages.

1. Aures Sunt Nemoris – 08:42
2. Pantheisto Devoto – 01:47
3. Sinistra Sylva – 10:01
4. Les Confrérie des Frères Loups – 03:16

Sus Scrofa official page
Sus Scrofa @ Facebook
Sus Scrofa @ Bandcamp
Sus Scrofa – Sinistre Sylve @ Bandcamp


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