NAWATHER released their debut full-length album

NAWATHER - Waster Years

Tunisian oriental progressive extreme metallers Nawather from Tunis have released their debut full-length album “Wasted Years” via the French label M&O Music. Nawather were founded in 2013 and they provide us a special kind of music. They are among the first who choose to marry Qanun, the king of Arabic instruments, to metal music. This instrument tends to play an indelible part in the Tunisian classical music called “malouf”. Nawather offers a music which smoothly alternates between authentic and western music. Such a cultural encounter is fostered by a harmonious duet between vocals: a female doing the clean voice and a male vocal performing the growls. “Wasted Years” is an opportunity to have an exquisite taste of an orchestration made by Tunisian professionals in the music field. The songs represent a unique mixture of impeccable sounds with profound lyrics that fits the theme conveyed by the album. ”Wasted Years” was mixed and engineered by Zachary Spence at Capital Arts Productions in Canada, mastered by Derek Moffat at 608 Studios in USA. The beautiful cover artwork is by Bader Klidi. For now the album is released digitally, but it soon may be available in physical format too.

1. Portals to Edinya
2. Falling Down the Slope
3. Daret Layyem
4. Raped Dreams
5. Broken-Winged Bird
6. Time to Raise the Curtains
7. Defnouna
8. Succubus Romance
9. Kont Trab

Raouf Jelassi – vocals, lyrics
Ryma Nakkach – vocals
Hichem Ben Amara – bass
Yazid Bouafif – guitars
Saif Louhibi – drums
Nidhal Jaoua – qanûn

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