BESTIA – Ronkade Parved

BESTIA – Ronkade Parved

Origin: Estonia
Genre: Black Metal Epic Death Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Evil Distribution Hexenreich Records
Year: 2009

Bestia is a black metal band from Estonia that was formed in 2000. After some demos and promos the band released its debut “Hallutsinatsioon” in 2004 and it was rereleased next year by the German label Perverted Taste, something that gave them a chance for a wider distribution. After some line-up changes and a few new demos and a split EP with Urt, they return in 2009 with their new album, the second full-length “Ronkade Parved” released by Hexenreich Records.

This second work is very strong and solid, especially compared with their debut, which was somehow unbalanced. They play raw pagan black metal, with a very powerful production and a very aggressive approach. The tempo varies from slow to fast and even though their music is described as black metal, they also use many elements from death and thrash metal, skillfully absorbed in their music, giving Bestia its own characteristic sound. They have an epic atmosphere to their music, which is achieved mainly due to the aggression and emotion of their songs and less due to their melodies or orchestrations. Their sound is sharp, with very few synths in the background, while the vocals are typical black metal screams and the lyrics deal about local folklore, nature, ancient times and mythological subjects, all sang in Estonian language. In some of their songs they use also saxophone, which makes quite a contrast with the rest of the music, but works very good for the band, adding a very interesting quality in their album. There are also some other “guest instruments”, like violins and whistles that remain in the background, giving though a folk mood from time to time…

I believe that “Ronkade Parved” is a very professional release by an underground band like Bestia, which deserves the attention of epic and aggressive pagan black metal fans. The first edition of the album is released in pro-printed CD-r in a very beautiful A5 digipak by Hexenreich Records, limited to 99 hand-numbered copies. It is also scheduled to be released as a standard digipak version by Evil Distribution. You can get a taste of the band checking the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Bestia @ Myspace
Bestia @ Facebook

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