HASPYD release new single

HASPYD - Carehrad

It is time for Ukrainian pagan folk metallers Haspyd to introduce their new work, the single “Цареград“! A song that marks a new stage of their work, a new page in the history of the band. This song is about the Cossack glory, the knights that are ready to go through “three nine lands” to save their brothers’ and sisters’ honor and freedom. Historically this is referring to the glorious feats, sung by sage Taras Shevchenko in his poem “Hamalia“. It is a tribute to a brutal and bloody time, when the invasion of foreigner’s hordes took place on Haspyd’s homeland, but group of braves went across the sea to rescue their family from the humiliating slavery. “Цареград” is available in the band’s official SoundCloud page, while Haspyd has also released an official lyric video for the song that you can watch below.     

Haspyd @ Facebook
Haspyd @ MySpace
Haspyd @ VK


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