Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Epic Death Metal Viking Metal
Label: Trollzorn - SMP Records
Year: 2009

The fourth full-length work from this German epic black metal band will be out on 06 of March. After their debut “Bergish Land” in 2000, in 2003 they returned with “Thurisaz” via Twilight and in 2007 they signed in Massacre to release their third album “Schlachten & Legenden”. It was obvious that the band tried to get a better distribution and get out of the “underground” territories. Let’s see if this fourth album can make it.

The album begins very aggressive, revealing the intentions of Obscurity. Epic melodic black metal in the vein of Amon Amarth is what you should expect from this work. They have a very full and solid sound under a great production. Epic riffing is the dominant element in their songs, while the black/death vocals follow the guitar lines. All of the songs have big refrains, where the band sounds a bit more melodic, but they never use clean vocals or choirs. Their lyrics deal with epic legends and battles and all of the songs, except “Battle Metal” are in German. Vocals are very expressive, full of passion, aggression and epic tone, fitting perfectly with the very powerful orchestration. They usually play in fast and mid-tempo, without many variations inside the songs… I believe that this is the most “complete” work of the band, without any changes from their previous albums, but with an overall improvement. The only thing I’d like to see from the band is a bigger variety in the rhythm and power of the compositions, since after while the songs become a little monotonous.

The album is really well played and professionally produced, so if you are a fun of epic black metal you should really give ’em a listen. Trollzorn / SMP will release “Várar” in a beautiful digipak version and you can check their sound in the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Obscurity @ Facebook
Obscurity @ Myspace

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