ELVARHØI speak about their new single

ERVARHOI - Langt fra Len og Leite

Norwegian folk metallers Elvarhøi from Oslo have finally released their new single, entitled “Langt fra Len og Leite“. It comes 2 years after their previous single “Trolljuvshallingen” and 10 years after their debut EP “Fjellet Faller Aldri“. Their new song is currently available on Spotify and iTunes and will be put it other digital stores in the coming days.  Elvarhøi will also be posting a lyric video soon, while they have a little treat planned in the form of a printed booklet too! Let’s see what Chris Rakkestad (guitar, vocals) has to say about the new work of the band.

- Hello Chris. Thank you for your time to make this mini interview. Could you give us some details about your new single?               

The point of this release was to pay tribute to the past of the band, and also point to the future. In the last years, we’ve had many lineup changes, and we’ve even changed our main songwriter. “Langt fra Len og Leite“, meaning something like “Far away from Fiefs and Fields“, features a melody written by the old songwriter/drummer, Ivar, while all the music has been rewritten by me, with lyrics by Magnus. Drums and bass on the new single were recorded by me, as Felix and Jan hadn’t joined the band when it was recorded.

- What is the lyrical concept of the song?

This song has been brewing for about 11 years, and the lyrics have evolved over time so that they can be interpreted in many ways. They could be about finding and losing yourself, about the constant struggle of endeavor, and man’s relationship with the land etc. and these all fit the bill. But the way I see it, the theme of the song in general is about struggling to reach a goal, and what this process can do to you. Everything looks so bright and glorious when you start out, but in the end, maybe the feeling you had at the beginning was what you were searching for in the first place, and every step of the journey just wore you down and broke you until you couldn’t ever feel that again. Maybe you reached your goal long ago without ever knowing it, and just kept walking anyway, fueled by the hope that it still lies ahead… In a way, it can also be seen as an autobiographical allegory about the band, and our journey so far Smilie: :)

ERVARHOI - Langt fra Len og Leite - Banner

- Who is responsible for this beautiful artwork?

As for the artwork, it was created by Eremitt Design, which is basically me (Chris), Magnus and another person, so it was in fact made by the band!

- Apart from the digital edition, will the single be released in physical format too?

We won’t release the song physically, but we have plans on handcrafting a little booklet in a limited supply with the cover and lyrics, which can be ordered in the mail!

- Is this a preview of an upcoming album? Are you preparing anything else?

As for the future, I can share that we have enough material written for a new album, but for now we are focusing on rehearsing for playing live. We’ve recently added two new members, so we now have a full line-up, and are looking forward to hit the road as soon as possible!

Magnus André Wandås – fiddle, lyrics
Chris Rakkestad – guitar, vocals
Sean Murphy – flutes
Jan Solheim – bass
Peter Felix Runde – drums

Elvarhøi official page
Elvarhøi @ Facebook


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