CRIMFALL – As the Path Unfolds…

CRIMFALL – As the Path Unfolds

Origin: Finland
Genre: Folk Metal Symphonic Metal Viking Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2009

Crimfall is a newborn band from Finland that is ready to make (or actually already did) the great step. Even though they were formed just in 2007 and released only a 3-song demo cd-r, they managed to sign a deal with Napalm Records in order to release their debut full length “As the Path Unfolds…” in February 2009!

After listening to the cd it isn’t surprising that Napalm has great expectations from this band. Their music is symphonic, epic, folk, Viking metal, in the typical melodic Finnish way. Female vocals and black male screams are combined perfectly, since both singers are very good. All of the band’s members are also in other bands (Ad Lunam, Thyestean Feast, Draugnim, Twilight Ophera, Tacere, and more), which explains their technical skills and the professionalism behind this debut. The production and sound quality are impressive, giving Crimfall the perfect background to express their ideas. In this album there also some great guest musicians, including Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali of Finntroll and Moonsorrow!

Coming to the music now, they play a kind of epic symphonic metal. Their music is mainly mid tempo, with many changes in the songs, some slower and some faster extreme parts. Instrumental soundtrack-like passages add a lot to their epic atmosphere and symphonic keyboards cooperate with guitars in a very solid sound. The overall result is something between Rhapsody, Moonsorrow, Nightwish and Battlelore, with many great melodies and very interesting songs. Their female singer Helena Haaparanta, has a very characteristic and beautiful voice, something that helps the band have its own identity. Many folk instruments and tunes enrich the mythological Viking concept of the album, without dominating the symphonic fantasy atmosphere.

I would definitely recommend this album to all fans of this genre, since it’s full of nice melodies, really well played and with a perfect sound. The artwork of the album is another epic painting by Kris Verwimp and you can listen to their music at the links below. The album will be released by the end of February / beginning of March.


Rating:  (9/10)

Crimfall @ Facebook
Crimfall @ Myspace

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