SVARTSOT – Ravnenes Saga

SVARTSOT – Ravnenes Saga

Origin: Denmark
Genre: Folk Death Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2007

A new chapter in the rich folk metal history begun. Svartsot come from Denmark and they release a very good debut. Their black death metal songs are fully inspired by Celtic music and the guitars are built upon folk tunes, scales and rhythms. The extended use of flutes and whistles seems to be their trademark and it’s done by perfectly skilled musicians. All the instruments are heard clearly and have equal importance on the compositions. The orchestrations are very convincing, and unlike other bands they don’t sound like adding traditional instruments on an already finished metal song…

The vocals are mainly death growls, but there are also the usual Viking “drunken” choirs. All the compositions are very interesting having a “happy” folk mood, that sometimes makes you wanna drink tons of beer and start dancing up and down! The sound reminds of bands like Finntroll and Trollfest, but they definitely have their own identity, something that made Napalm Records offer them a contract. I am sure all the fans of this genre will adore Svartsot and their inspired “Ravnenes Saga”. If they manage to remain at this high level, or get even better in their future releases, then I believe their name will stay for many years in the folk metal scene. You can check on your own their official pages.


Rating:  (8/10)

Svartsot @ Facebook
Svartsot @ Myspace

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