VINTERGATA release new single


Russian dark fantasy blackened metal band VintergatA from Moscow has just released its new single, entitled “Омут“. The band, with an updated line-up and many guest international members, has tried to make the fantasy atmosphere of its music really mystical and at the same time to release a powerful modern sound. At the moment, Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah, One Morning Left) has finished recording keyboards on VintergatA’s second album and very soon the band will present it to your attention. “Омут” was mixed, mastered and produced by Vladimir Lehtinen, Blastbear Sound and Alexandr Demidov, while the amazing artwork is by Alexandr Tartsus.               

Valentine Vongraven (Rose Scream) – vocals
Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah, One Morning Left) – keyboards
Vasily Gorshkov (Слот, AKADO) – drums
Alexey Zakharov – bass
Vladimir Lehtinen (Second To Sun) – guitar

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